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Website Audits

Published on Wednesday, July 16th 2014

Is your website making as many sales as it should? Is your website in the top results on Google?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, or even “I don’t know” then you need a website audit to discover any issues holding your site back.

For the next two weeks we’re reducing the price of a website audit from £399 to just £199*.

Our reports are hand written for each website, our experts will pore over your website, analysing it and writing a report that you will understand. Unlike many website audits, we will not just generate automatic reports and email them to you

The audit will include:

Onsite search engine optimisation

We will view your site to see it as search engines see it and crucially we will find if there are any hidden problems and if there are any essential areas you can improve on or are lacking.

Search engine visibility checker

We will check what position your website is in search engines, for up to 10 key phrases, for Google (.com &, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines. This will give you a benchmark for any improvements you make.

Browser, mobile and tablet compatibility

We will check your site to see how it looks across a wide range of mobile phones and tablets. If we find any issues with the site missing of parts of the page, or the pages getting jumbled up we’ll provide screenshots highlighting them, and will manually test any sites if we see issues to see if the problems go deeper.

Malware and security scanning

We will check the publicly available code for any obvious viruses, malware or hacking attempts. We will also research into any popular website management system to check that you are using the latest version or if any security patches are available as out of date software is the single largest vulnerability to hacking.

Expert review

We will have one of our expert web developers manually check your website to see if there are any ways in which the user experience could be improved. We also ensure that your website is designed in a way that encourages people to purchase from you, or make contact. We will also look for any issues that may prevent a section of your users from being able to use your site.


One of our web developers will spend at least an hour collating all of the above information and rewording into something that is easy to understand. This will include a top 10 list of priority issues that should be addressed first.


We will provide the bound report via post, all of the technical documents and references will be included so that your web developer can see precisely which issues we have highlighted. We will also email you a PDF copy that can easily be forwarded to others.


This audit is currently on offer at just £199*, if you would like us to check your website and provide a report manually written by an expert web developer, then please contact us at

In-depth solution

We also offer even more comprehensive and on-going reports where we can audit your external link profile, provide in depth competitor analysis, run a code review, and check your website’s speed and server load. Please ask for further details.

* All prices exclude VAT and are subject to contract. Some large or complex websites may be excluded from this offer and require an In-depth solution. This offer starts 16th July 2013.

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