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Redesigning a website on a budget

As with clothes, interior design and hair styles, website designs go through fashions.

When a website is designed it can look cutting edge, but a few years later it will need refreshing.

Of course a website designer could replace the old website completely, and improve functionality and content, but sometimes this may not be required or cost effective.

In these instance a re-skin may be more appropriate, this keeps everything that is behind-the scenes the same, and makes minor changes to the styles and graphics to give the website a fresh new design. A good analogy would be painting, decorating and decorating a house; this can be fairly quick and cheap, yet transform the look of a property.

Re-skins are not always feasible and may have compromises, but where they are can dramatically reduce the cost, and essentially achieve the same result, a more modern looking website design.

A website that we have recently re-skinned is Willis and Grabham, one of our online shops that sell garden machinery such as chainsaws and lawnmowers.

If you would like advice on updating a website’s design then please contact Webbed Feet UK, we can help even if we didn’t design or build the original website.


Willis and Grabham old eCommerce website design

Old Design


Willis and Grabham new eCommerce website design

New Design

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