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Websites are like cars

When discussing our website design services with clients we often avoid techie-terms by using analogies.

One of these often springs to mind, so we thought we’d discuss it in this article.

Consider different car manufacturers, each having its only niche in the market. Kia sells their Picanto from £7,795, yet the cheapest BMW 1 Series is £17,510, over twice as much.

What would happen if we approached BMW, saying that we can pick up a Kia for £7,795 and therefore want then to price match their 1 Series? The conversation wouldn’t last long and BMW would be likely to tell us that we’re not comparing like for like.

We’re sure most people would prefer to drive the 1 Series, and also prefer to pay the lower price tag of £7,795, but of course this isn’t possible and when purchasing vehicles most of us make compromises of some form. We weigh up what is important to us, whether it be price, quality, features, performance or economy, and from this make an educated choice of whether the Picanto, 1 Series, or another model is best for us. There is no correct answer; it all depends on our circumstances.

As with many industries, websites are the same. Of course there are deals to be done, and some companies charge less than others, but to some degree you do get what you pay for. I know of a Wiltshire web design company that claims to produce eCommerce websites for £300, how they did eluded us… until we met them and saw their online shops. We were not comparing like or like.

When comparing website designers we need to keep cars in the back of our minds. A lower priced item may not necessarily be better value, the overall product and its effectiveness of generating sales need to be carefully considered.

With websites it is particularly true as, for the most, websites are an investment and not a luxury, and in the long term should generate more profit than they cost. So it isn’t necessarily the price that should be the deciding factor, but the anticipated return on investment, and what the website is likely to achieve.

At Webbed Feet UK we offer website design in Salisbury. We are not the most expensive web design company in the area, nor are we the cheapest, but we believe that we are the best value for money.

If you would like to discuss website design, eCommerce, search engine optimisation (SEO) or smart phone apps then please get in touch.

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