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Webbed Feet UK, web developers in Salisbury, Wiltshire

COVID-19 Update

Despite this pandemic, Webbed Feet are continuing business. We are still working on our projects, taking on new clients, and deadlines are unaffected.

We are fortunate in our sector that we can work remotely, and the team have relocated to our homes.

Our phone system will still work across multiple sites, meaning our main numbers are the same, and all staff obviously have access to their emails.

In short, it’s business as usual, just without a front door. We are offering meetings over Zoom, but not face to face meetings unless the government advice allows.

We wish everyone all the best in this difficult time, and if we can do anything to help please let us know, and in the meantime, don't get eaten by the COVID bear.

If you need us, please get in touch, and please stay safe.

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