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SEO as sabotage - An update

For those of you who read our articles frequently you’ll remember an article called “SEO as Sabotage” where one of our client’s previous web developers seemed to deliberately sabotage our client’s rankings in search engines by using ‘illegal’ black hat link building.

After a bit of digging we realised why our client’s website had significantly and dropped its position in search engines, and set out to rectify it.

We are now proud to say that 8 weeks later, after a little bit of work (disavowing the bad inbound links to keep Google’s Penguin algorithm happy) we seem to have recovered our client’s website and they are back to around 90% of where they were before.

This wasn’t as time consuming as we’d expected, and the results were relatively quick.

If you need help with SEO, or recovering from a Google penalty or manual action, please get in touch.

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