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Web Design Salisbury - Who to choose?

Now there’s a good question, you search on Google for “web design Salisbury” and you see over two million results. Assuming you stick to the first two pages of results, you still have a potential 20 companies to filter through, so which is best?

As with most products or services, it depends on what you’re looking for, and quite often you get what you pay for.

Yes you can look at (and check) their testimonials, and scan their portfolios, this is all good, but what if you want to check deeper?

Well look carefully at their own website, surely a web designer should have a decent website themselves… you may be surprised at how many haven’t. Then do some simple checks yourself; does their website work on your mobile phone? What happens if you resize the screen or use an older computer?  

When you contact the agencies, don’t just ask for a price, as you may not be comparing apples with apples. If you ask a BMW garage for a price or a car, and a Kia garage for a price of a car, you’d get completely different prices, but they are for completely different products.

 Ask the Salisbury web design agency which content management system they choose, and why. Ask them if your design will be custom or from a template. Ask them what user testing they do, and how they convert enquiries into sales. If your site is large or complex, ask them for examples of what they’ve done in the past.

One of the main points to be made here is don’t be afraid to ask questions; a website can be a very large purchase and needs consideration, yet if done properly should generate far more revenue than it costs.

Any reputable local web design agency should happily meet you to answer any of your questions, and should do this without charging you.

So next time you search for “web design Salisbury”, ensure that you do your research, and give them a call asking any questions that you may have, or of course, contact Webbed Feet UK in Salisbury.

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