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What are the latest trends in web design?

Usually, when we’re asked this question we can answer with details about a specific design trend or new technology. But at the moment web design just isn’t that exciting!

OK, as a sector we have had technical aspects such as GDPR and Google Chrome marking websites as ‘not secure’ if they don’t have an SSL certificate, but it is unlikely that these are going to excite anyone reading this article.

The truth is that for a variety of factors many sectors are struggling at the moment, so as an industry we are doing less work in complete redesigns, and more in making what’s there work more effectively.

This means taking a step back and looking at websites from a customer’s viewpoint; specifically is it clear what you are offering, how you can help the user, and what they should do next? It seems so simple, but it’s amazing how many businesses don’t do this. The end user’s journey needs to be as easy as possible.

It means ensuring that a website is found, whether that be via search engines, PPC, social media, or any other form of online marketing.

It means making sure that a website is secure, loads quickly, and works on every device and platform.

It means making small cost-effective tweaks so that a website looks for more appealing and professional, at the fraction of a cost of a redesign.

It’s shocking how many of these basics are missing from most websites, and amazing how much difference a few tweaks can make.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there at the moment, and our sector is no different. Yes, we are still designing brand new websites, but a lot of our work recently is taking over where other web agencies have either failed or just aren’t delivering what they promise to their clients.

So as an anti-climax, and in answer to what are the latest trends in web design, it seems to be making things run more efficiently and getting the most from what you have. So nothing that will knock your socks off with excitement, but certainly basic things that everyone should be doing.

We are Webbed Feet, we appreciate that the minor details add up to a big difference.

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