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Honest, straight talking web guys

Honest, straight talking web developers… wouldn’t that be nice?!

We’ve picked up three new clients this week alone, all because their current web designers aren’t up to the job, are slow to respond or, from what it seems can’t seem to give a straight or truthful answer.

So is this industry-wide? Of course not, I can recommend many web agencies that do exactly what you’d want them to. But unfortunately the cowboys are far too common and give the rest of us a bad name.

But how do you know which agencies are good? Well let me tell you a story… We had a client approach us a while ago saying that they needed to improve their Google rank as they weren’t getting any enquiries. Other agencies quoted them for some search engine optimisation work, but we didn’t… After some research we discovered that their position in Google wasn’t the issue, the issue was that they never answered their phones or emails, in fact we tested it, and 80% of their enquiries didn’t get a response. Our report to them was not to waste money on improving their website, but to answer their phone, or to get a better secretary.

Is that honest enough? Well we thought we’d given up any chance of getting work from them, but as it happened they pointed out that we were the only web agency who noticed this (or were honest enough to tell them), and as such they chose us to redesign their website and help with their marketing. Perfect.

So that sums us up in a nutshell really, we’ll tell you our opinion, regardless of whether you want to hear it, and regardless of whether it’ll win us a contract. We’ll also explain things in plain English and won’t try and bamboozle you with computer phrases or long reports you’ll not understand.

Maybe that’s rare for a web agency, and it may seem counter-productive from time to time, but we find it works. This is because we build a level of trust with our clients, and having a solid relationship means that things run far more effectively. We also of course expect the same from our clients as relationships and trust work in two directions.

It doesn’t matter if you have a website with us, have a website built by someone else or have something that other web agencies don’t want to touch, if you want someone who is UK-based and knows the industry inside out, to give you some straight forward honest advice then get in touch with our team.

We are Webbed Feet UK, we’ll tell you things as they are.

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