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SEO that you can do yourself

Search Engine Optimisation or ‘SEO’ can be a very in-depth topic and SEO companies can charge a premium for implementing their SEO techniques.

But it needn’t be expensive; these advanced SEO techniques are not that effective until the basics are in place, and these basics you can do yourself…

In short, search engines like unique content and, as a rule of thumb, if you write your own useful articles that are not too ‘spammy’, search engines will reward you with higher rankings.

Each page should be optimised for a phrase (or two) that you think your customers will search for, and this phrase needs to ideally be included in the heading(s) and paragraph text; you can’t expect search engines to guess what your page is about, you need to spell it out. (It also needs to be in the title and (meta) description if you have access to them).

If we want to rank for “SEO company in Salisbury” we need to explicitly say it word for word; we can’t have “search consultants in a medieval market town with a cathedral in the South of Wiltshire” and expect Google to do the rest.

Be careful not to overdo it with too many keywords; if you read your article and it seems natural then it should be good.

There is of course more to it than this, and that is where SEO consultants such as Webbed Feet UK can help, but these basics are often missed out and can make a huge impact to your rankings. Most importantly, you can make these changes yourself for free!

We’d suggest that everyone has a try, logs their positions in search engines before and after the changes, and if they have any queries, Webbed Feet UK SEO Salisbury always here to help.

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