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Rearden Cord Recruitment

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Rearden Cord hired us to redesign their existing website. The previous website was looking a little out-dated, and the company had since expanded enough to warrant something a little more in keeping with their current status as the employment agency of choice for the Kingston-upon-Thames area.

Our Solution

The first step in re-building the site was to agree on a design. We created a design that used Rearden Cord's current brand colours, but in a modern fashion. We utilised large imagery that shows the kind of employment opportunities that Rearden cord offer, allowing the audience to instantly understand the kind of work that is available.

Website design before
Website design after

As a recruitment specialist website, it's important that the website allows the audience to see exactly what jobs are available. To this end, we created a system that allows Rearden Cord to post their own job vacancies on the website. Vacancies can be set to display only for a certain amount of time and will be automatically removed after a certain date.

Our efforts have not just led to a general increased in enquiries, but those enquiries are now more relevant and more likely to turn in to a conversion.

We are Webbed Feet UK. We offer recruitment specialist website design services.